December 29, 2008

Presidents and the Market

I was flipping through some books in the book store over Christmas I saw something similar to this in the Investor's Almanac. So I borrowed the idea for this post (thanks Investor's Almanac).
With President Elect Obama's swearing in ceremony coming up in about 25 days it is somewhat interesting to have a look at what the first year in office typically looks like for new U.S. presidents.

President Bush(R)
President Clinton(D)
President G. HW. Bush(R)
President Regan(R)
President Carter(D)
President Ford(R)
President Nixon(R)
President Johnson(D)
President Kennedy(D)
President Eisenhower (R)
President Truman(D)
President Roosevelt(D)
President Hoover(R)

I'll let you draw some of your own conclusions on the info presented here, there seem to be a number of conclusions that can be made.